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February 2021

Toys of yesteryear

Childhood: nostalgia for hours imagining being a train driver; cuddle her doll believing very strongly that she understands us. Put your fragility and confidence in the arms of a big teddy bear. The stage of our life where everything is a matter of wonder, where worries are not part of everyday life. 


The exhibition Toys of yesteryear  will take you back to that time when the milk mustache was our only mask... 

visuel février.jpg

July 2020

The Expo that does good

The storm has almost passed. A few more waves await us, but the worst is behind us, or so we hope. 


What positive do we retain from all this tumultuous period?


We asked you: “What comforts you in more difficult times? What makes you feel good?” You answered us… and we illustrated your answers thanks to the objects that we unearthed in our collections. 


By crossing these doors, you will enter a simple, beautiful and sensitive world. A place sometimes real, sometimes fictitious. A colorful reflection on the possibility we have of creating this long-awaited new world. 


An emotional exhibition that will make you say: Wow, that feels good! 

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