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The back-to-the-land movement has left its mark on the history of the region. With the aim of documenting this period rich in creativity, the exhibition explores the human impact of the hippie years in Charlevoix. Through testimonials, it is possible to glimpse the values imagined by this generation of committed pacifists. They still have an influence on the way we live in society today.

Charlevoix 1970. A horde of young people with long hair and exuberant looks called 'the hippies' are the talk of the town. Coming from the city by hitchhiking, sharing patched up cars, they come to party. These nomads live in groups and gather at the Balcon vert or the Mouton noir, in Baie-Saint-Paul, for a night or a summer.

While some are just passing through, others settle on abandoned farmland or in the backcountry, in search of a way to live, far from civilization. Local people mingle with these newcomers.

In collaboration with the Société d’histoire de Charlevoix.

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