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Charlevoix was the backdrop of a photographic mission aimed at documenting Québec’s landscapes. Since Hungarian-born photographer Gabor Szilasi passed through the region in 1970, how are Charlevoix’s landscapes doing ?

A half-century later, young professional photographer Chun Hua Catherine Dong, an artist in residence here in the region, delivers a contemporary and critical vision of the landscape. Born in China, she stages her own body that serves as a human monument.

The contrast is striking. In the past fifty years, photography has evolved at lightning speed. Requiring patient, steadfast work in the darkroom, Gabor Szilasi’s silver halide prints bring back to life a traditional technique now on the edge of oblivion, in the image of the spaces he documented, equipped with his 4 x 5 obscura pinhole camera and his Leica.

In her creations, Chun Hua Catherine Dong uses digital photography to its full potential, exploring the technologies of 360° videography and virtual modelling, in her avant-garde immersive performances.

This exhibition is a condensed offering from the two artists’ vast output of images that were inspired by the unique character of a rural region, and its mythical landscapes.

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