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Ministry of Culture and Communications

The Musée de Charlevoix has the indispensable recognition and support from the MCC since many years.

Circuit culture Charlevoix

Eight cultural institution of Charlevoix are united. Each, in their own way, promotes the heritage and the arts of Charlevoix.

Domaine Forget

On a magnificent site, the Internation Festival of Music (classic and jazz). Member of the "Circuit Culture Charlevoix".

Musée maritime de Charlevoix

Discover the history of the navigation on the River. Member of the "Circuit Culture Charlevoix".

Moulins de l'Isle-aux-Coudres

Unique in Canada: on one site, you will see a wind mill as well as a water mill, and also an economuseum of milling. Member of the "Circuit Culture Charlevoix".

Musée d'Art contemporain de Baie-Saint-Paul

The Contemporary Art Museum displays modern art and artcraft. It also presents the Intertional Symposium of Contemporary Art. Member of the "Circuit Culture Charlevoix".

Petites Franciscaines de Marie

The Museal Space and the Chapel of the Petites Franciscaines de Marie, in Baie-Saint-Paul, tell the story of this important congregation for the region of Charelvoix. Member of the "Circuit Culture Charlevoix".

Papeterie Saint-Gilles

Founded by Félix-Antoine Savard in St-Joseh-de-la-Rive, the Papeterie Saint-Gilles is the first Economuseum. Member of the "Circuit Culture Charlevoix".

Forge-Menuiserie Cauchon

Located in Rivière-Malbaie, this unique forge, that has also a carpentry, is equipped with its original tools and presents blacksmith demonstrations. Member of the "Circuit Culture Charlevoix".


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This London art gallery presents many cultural institutions from all around the world, including the Musée de Charlevoix.


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