Mission and History

Statutes and Mandate

The Musée de Charlevoix is a non-profit organisation which abides by its mission and the professional code of ethics of museums. As such, the Musée de Charlevoix meets all acquisition, conservation, collection management, exhibition and research standards. As an educational institution, it is actively engaged in the democratization of culture and the cultural development of the region. It aspires to foster in the citizens of Charlevoix a feeling of belonging to their community and the desire to open up to the world.


%0?5_ idea of founding a muse?9?n Charlevoix dates back to the 1930s, when a rich community of artists gathered in the area. It was first proposed by a couple of "villégiateurs" (summer residents), American artists Patrick Morgan and Maud Cabot, who had a passion for the folk art and arts & crafts in Charlevoix.


The idea was developed by Roland Gagné, an invR^?ate collector and citizen of Pointe-au-Pic involved in the preservation of the regional heritage. In the late forties, Gagné founded a private museum, the Musée Laure Conan, behind his home. The project for a public museum took shape in 1975. Thanks to the generous donations of Morgan and Gagné, important ethno-historic and folk art collections were put together and the Musée régional Laure Conan was installed in the old La Malbaie Post Office.

The installations were soon found to be inadequate. Since 1983, Dr Jean-Luc Dupuis, president of the Board is taking the adventure of creating a new museum. After many years of hard word, involving the directors François Tremblay, Yvon Forgues & Magella Paradis as well as an army of volunteers, he finally achieved his goal.On the 29th of July 1990, the Musée de Charlevoix opened and was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney. That vast building, of which architecture represent a lighthouse, offers large exhibition and conservation spaces for the thousands of objects and works of Art of its collections.

The Musée de Charlevoix honors its founders
Musée Laure-Conan ìn1975 – Board of Trustees

    Jean-Paul Ricard
    Raymond Chantal
    Jean-Arthur Harvey
    Lucien Harvey
    Laurie Larouche


Musée de Charlevoix in Pointe-au-Pic (Murray Bay) in 1990 – Board of Trustees

    Jean-Luc Dupuis, president
    Monique Aumont
    Jean Cauchon
    Claude Léger
    Louis Manibal
    Lise Robitaille
    Jean Sauvageau
    François Soucy