Collections management

The curator of the Museum is responsible of the management of the objects, archives and documentation preserved in our reserves. Since our relocation in 1990, the Museum is since then equiped with reserved following the rules of the Canadian conservation institute. As of today, the Museum is preserving about 9 000 objects and art pieces, and about 6 000 archival documents.

If you need help, our curator may help you with preventive conservation ideas and research.

Frequently asked questionS


May the Museum evaluate art pieces and antiquities?

Unfortunately, no. The monatery evaluation of antiquities and art pieces must be done by professionnals linked to the art market, such as gallery owner or antiquarian. We may refer you to such persons.

May the Museum purchase art pieces or antiquities?

As most of the museums in the Quebec Province, the Musée de Charlevoix doesn't dispose of any acquisition budget. We can only count on the generosity of the population for the enrichment of our collections and the preservation of the heritage. It is possible for the Museum to provide tax receipts in exchange for such donation, under some conditions of course.

What sort of art pieces or objects is the Museum willing to acquire?

The stocking space for our collections is limited and already quite full. Thus, the institution cannot acquire any objects that are offered. The acquisition policy is clear about the fact that we will acquire objects and art pieces linked to Charlevoix's history and/or popular art pieces.

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