The documentation center & archives

The archives go along with the museum. Since the end of the 1970's, many fonds and collections are put together in our archives center, thanks to collectors, searchers and curators, such as Philippe Dubé, Thomas Hoopes, Roland Gagné or Paul Desmeules.

Today, the archives include photographies, text documents, maps and plans from 1687 to 1985, that display the history of our region. The fonds and collections are related to persons and families of Charlevoix, or to our collection.

Research Demands

The research demands must be done by email, phone or mail. The treatment delay of those research depends on the nature of the informations asked for.


The Musée de Charlevoix offers access to the searchers, on appointment only, to a collection of regional newspaper, a library specialized in art, history, ethnology and geography compting more than 1200 titles, and also a rare books collection.


The Musée de Charlevoix offers the reproduction of text documents, photographs and maps. A fees is then applied as well as for publication, printing and diffusion.


If it's not otherwise mentionned, there is no restriction to the consultation and reproduction of the documents preserved at the Musée de Charlevoix.


Fonds et collection d'archives

  •     Artistes (C11)
  •     Blackburn, Famille (P2)
  •     Bouchard, Clément-Joseph (P15)
  •     Buchanan, Famille (P9)
  •     Centre de recherches, de documentation et d’archives sur la culture de Charlevoix (C.R.D.A.C.C.) (D7)
  •     Charlevoix (C.R.D.A.C.C.) (D7)
  •     Cimon, Famille (P12)
  •     Claveau et Gauthier, Familles (P8)
  •     Club de golf de Murray Bay (P13)
  •     Conan, Laure (P10)
  •     Corporation de la Vieille forge Cauchon (P14)
  •     Degagné, Marguerite (P7)
  •     Desmeules, Famille (P4)
  •     Deux cents ans de villégiature dans Charlevoix (D1)
  •     Dufour, Philippe, Famille (P5)
  •     Études charlevoisiennes (D2)
  •     Fournier, Georges (C4)
  •     Gagné, Maurice (P6)
  •     Gagné, Roland (C1) (P1)
  •     Hoopes, Thomas C. (C7)
  •     Mackenzie, Philip (C9)
  •     McNicoll (D5)
  •     Morgan, Patrick (C10)
  •     Musée de Charlevoix (C1000)
  •     P.A.I.S.A.G.E. (D9)
  •     Peindre un pays (D8)
  •     Petites Franciscaines de Marie (C3)
  •     Projet Charlevoix (D4)
  •     Ricard, Jean-Paul (C2)
  •     Seigneurie Mount Murray (P3)
  •     Société historique de Charlevoix (C5)
  •     Société Saint-Vincent-de-Paul (P11)
  •     Therrien, Armand (D6)
  •     Tremblay, Georges-Edouard (P16)
  •     Warren, Berthe

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