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The return of a Clarence Gagnon's artwork


The Musée de Charlevoix is ​​very pleased to announce the return of its Clarence Gagnon's model cardboard for hooked rugs "Paysage de Charlevoix", sent to be restored in 2014 but having been acquired more than 30 years ago!

Discovered in 1984 by François Tremblay (then, Managing Director of the Musée de Charlevoix) in the ancestral home of the Bolduc, this cardboard was in a pitiful state and required, according to the authentication report issued in 1990, "a major restoration intervention ".

Unidentified but apparently originating from the famous artist Clarence Gagnon, it was thus fundamental to first authenticate it. The work was finally awarded to Clarence Gagnon as a result of a long process carried out by many specialists and spread over a period of five years (1985 to 1990).

Measuring 122 centimeters in height by 183 centimeters in width, it would have been designed in 1924 to serve as a model cardboard for Madame Hermel Bolduc (Rosia Côté), artisan of Baie-Saint-Paul, in order to produce a crocheted rug.

The restoration request was made in October 2013, but it is only in 2014 that the restoration has actually begun. Originally, 200 hours of work had been planned, but ultimately, it took 313 hours of painstaking work by the restorer Patricia Bufe, a specialist in works on paper.

It is important to note that the Ministry of Culture and Communications makes available to the private museums, recognized and supported financially, a bank of 4,400 hours offered for the catering service. Access to restoration is therefore limited and the Musée de Charlevoix must select with great reflection the works corresponding to its mission that will be submitted to the selection committee of the Quebec Conservation Center. In general, the artists in folk art of the pioneer group of Charlevoix are prioritized and whose works are in a particularly deteriorated state and whose heritage interest is of great importance.

Here are some of the works of the Museum that have benefited from the services of the Quebec Conservation Center :

  • Two paintings by Simone-Mary Bouchard (one is currently under restoration, and the other is exhibited in our permanent exhibition since return of restoration)
  • The coat of arms of the City of La Malbaie made by Louis Riverin (currently displayed at the Town Hall of La Malbaie)
  • The bellows of the Riverin forge (despite a complete restoration, traces of mold remain, not allowing to leave the bellows in the open air).

A native from Montreal, Clarence Gagnon was charmed by the Charlevoix region in the early 1900s. He is well known, both in America and Europe, and has played a fundamental role in the history of preservation of Artistic heritage of the region by creating a link between crafts, popular artists and professional artists.