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Musée de Charlevoix, The Committed Museum

As part of the Gala Charlevoix Reconnaissance event, organized by the Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce on February 2nd, the efforts and hard work of the Musée de Charlevoix's great team have been rewarded with the reception of the trophy in the category The Committed*.

We would like to thank our volunteers, our members and the Charlevoix people, without whom we could not preserve and show OUR HISTORY and OUR TRADITIONS, that are specific to the Charlevoix region.

* The Committed Award = Community Development
The organization provides services in the areas of community, social economy, education, health or other public services. Its community involvement is particularly remarkable and contributes significantly to the development of the region.

On the picture (from left to right):

  • Annie Breton, Executive Director of the Museum
  • Julie Côté, Curator of the Museum
  • André Simard, SADC Representative who presented the trophy

Photo Credit : Charlevoix Chamber of Commerce, Louis Laliberté